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The Numerology Forecast - April 2022

I’m back! The last couple of months have been filled with name change sessions and teaching the numerology school so my newsletter had to take a backseat for a while. But as April rolls in with the fire of Aries season - on a new moon no less, I thought it was time for a forecast and some updates!

If you have felt the start of this year stretch on and on, as if you've started over a few times already then remember that January was the pause, like taking a deep breath and savoring the space between inhale and exhale for a moment. Setting the space, connecting the dots, inner actions before outer ones. If you didn't allow this pause the energy might have been pushing you backwards to make sure you didn't start the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Now all the lights have switched to green, the signs say GO and any anger or frustration can be turned into a wonderful burst of forward energy and momentum.

The energy of change and testing our foundations are strong this month. There is an impulsiveness and erratic active energy that wants you to throw everything up in the air to see how it all lands. The energy both wants to start up something exciting and get ruthless at editing what is not working.

There is a theme in April about picking your challenges. Any life and career will have its ups and downs, but we wanna make sure that the mountains we’re climbing are actually the ones that we want to see the top of. If not you’ll find yourself achieving things and immediately looking for the next peaks, not even stopping to savor this rarefied air that not everyone gets to breathe.

Prompts for this month:

  • Spring clean your home and vision board: evaluate the progress on your goals and remove whatever feels the least exciting.

  • Check in with your career goals: Are you playing small or safe? Is there anything you want to try out or are there any places you can add more playfulness into your work?

  • Scrap a dream or promotion that might make sense in your head but that your heart or nervous system just never got on board with.

  • Challenge your own inner authority or voice: are the stories you tell yourself actually true? Can you differentiate between the internalized societal norms, your parents' voices and you own innate knowing and direction?

There is a a quick manifestation theme in April, we can very rapidly move forward and receive what we wish for. But what will happen then? Do you have any fears or beliefs tied to getting what you want? A pattern of only being allowed a certain amount of flow? If your business is doing well do you then have to fight with your family? If you're in love will your work or boss give you grief? Maybe some version of you thinks you're not able to have your cake and eat it too? Aries season is the time to talk back to your inner rule maker and ask for higher ceilings and more space to operate on. Your life should not feel tight and restricted, you're allowed to expand and flourish in more than a few areas.

I pulled two cards from Grandma Baby's Black Gold Lenormand - A 37-card deck celebrating the enduring legacy of Black Americans and their innate connection to spirit. The last card is from The Divine Feminine Oracle deck by Meggan Watterson and Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman.

Whip - Sacrifice. Nothing worthwhile was ever achieved by simply wanting it to be yours. In the spirit world, sacrifice and work move things further than simply "thinking" it into your life. Wake up and smell the magic, take action, give thanks and take action again. You stand on the shoulders of your ancestors' actions - honor them by making the moves they could only dream of.

Rita of Cascia - Never give up on what you want for your life. Believe in the possibilities you dream of, ask your faith to be as strong as your bones. Pray that any obstacles will be removed, if not by you then by a power stronger than you. If your own past hurt is the obstacle pray that a love greater than what you alone can hold will heal you.

Testimony - Confirmation. Deliver your message, be the sign others have been waiting for. Step forward and speak up. This is a time to share your light.


The Numerology School will have a Summer class starting on June 18th for the full 9 month course! If you’re called to study Numerology check out the school page and book an admissions call today.

Prices are going up. I’ve kept my rates almost the same since 2020. New prices will roll out on April 15th on all sessions, if you want to book any session, package or payment plan at the current price click here, I can’t wait to see you on my calendar!

The Numerology Name Calculator is here! I've always wanted a quick and easy way for my clients to check the vibration behind any name they are thinking of and now you can find the calculator through the link above.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer


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