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The Numerology Forecast - May 2020

The Numerology Forecast - May 2020 by Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder
The Numerology Forecast - May 2020

I know time seems to stretch and morph weirdly these days but May is here and with that a new global vibration for us all to share! This is an important month in 2020 as many planets will join the retrograde squad for a spell.

The overall theme of May has to do with endings. Wrapping up old projects, coming to terms with a new status quo, and clearing out everything that no longer fits your life.

Pluto went retrograde at the end of April and rules internal transformation and rebirth. It will be joined by Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter around the middle of May. With all these planets in retrograde, we will have time to reflect on our own deeper issues and perspectives on relationships, obsessions, excess, resources, and secrets.

2020 is a year of revolution and you’ve had to look at and redefine key areas of your life within the first months of the year. People will pivot their business and careers while abandoning old ideas and loyalties. Many industries will shift as anyone not in it for the long haul will redirect their focus to what truly matters to them. There is a clearing of the field of opportunity. Gold can be mined from the old and transformed into new and exciting possibilities. 

It’s a time of growth through pressure and innovation. At times, it may feel like you’re trying to move through quicksand as some parts of our society take longer to adjust to the changes. Please keep going towards your dreams and goals.

Throughout May many secrets will come to light on both a personal, and a global level and you’ll have the chance to look at any unhealthy obsessions and fixations that the quarantine might have intensified. 

Soothing and self-medicating through any excessive behaviors and addictions will reveal themselves this month. Are you gaslighting yourself in any way? Making yourself believe that something is still bearable while actually ignoring a deeper problem?

Make a conscious effort to pay attention to the moments in which you choose to self-soothe or disassociate emotionally instead of engaging with the source of your discomfort or hurt. Many of our behaviors and habits are so deeply ingrained that they have become unconscious. Even your ideas on self-care might need to be revisited as what felt good at the beginning of the year is now just a distraction from a deeper call.

If you had no external stimulus how would you structure your days? Even if you have to take care of others can you be super clear on your needs and give justice to your own rhythm? If you’re a creator (and we all are) see if your consumption of the media has encroached on your creativity and if you need to cancel some subscriptions or limit your screen time to make space for your own voice to be louder.

May is like a palette cleanser for the rest of the year so be diligent in making space for the new!

100% Love


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