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The Numerology Forecast - July 2023

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How was June for you? I mentioned in last month's forecast that June brought us the push of change, relocation, redesign and upheaval. The energy has swept through many of my friends and people I follow online and I can see the ‘Move!’ energy express itself differently based on the base number of the person. Many people are contemplating big shifts, both internally and externally. I thought I would talk a bit about how it could have played out before we dive into July - my birthday month!

Note that the monthly energy will affect you differently based on your base numbers and name. For some, it will be more pushy and obvious than others.

A couple of examples here from the past month:

For the base number 4, June was a month of expansion within their minds, like opening multiple doors and letting the breeze inside to stir up old ideas of home, community, sense of self and their place in the world. The final destination is a return to joy, fun and cutting out stagnant thoughts and too-linear thinking.

For the base number 8, this energy could have revealed the cracks in their internal house or within their family. Maybe some choices made since June/July of last year are up for revision again. We can be slightly off course while still on the right path. Some clarity around responsibility could come up. There could be a loss of a loved one or the idea of home could need revisiting.

For the base number 9, this wave of moving energy would have been felt way before June so they are already packing up boxes and making themselves lighter for the journey and move ahead. 9’s are always ahead and in tune with the global energies as they amplify the energy by their existence. Even if they are not physically moving, big internal shifts and boundaries are in focus.

That's enough talk about the energy behind us, let’s dive into the energy that we’re moving into! July is a really interesting month where we have a strong communication, channeling and aggressive forward momentum coming in.

This is a month where it really matters what we say, how we say it and who we say it to. Our words can become channels of wisdom, insight and healing for others in serendipitous ways, but the energy is not tempered by patience and so we might also be thoughtless, mindlessly cruel or start fights with no real cause or true conflict.

There are a few books by Florence Scovel Shinn like Your Word Is Your Wand and The Power of the Spoken Word that could be a good bedside read in July. To remind us of the power we have to influence our own reality and that of those around us.

There is an incredible amount of healing energy available in June. If you've been working on a very stubborn block, situation or pattern this month you could be moved not just beyond it but into a space where you’ll go “I can’t believe that I focused on that for so long!” Boulders become specks of dust in our rearview mirror as the energy lifts us beyond. Still, you will need to acknowledge the parts of yourself that were benefiting from being held back by the block. They are safeguards that were created by previous experiences and identities.

It’s an excellent month for publishing, speaking, and getting your voice out there. The energy of 07/07 in a 7-year is also great for downloads, divine insights, spiritual experiences and launching or delivering something tied to spirituality, mastery, and a higher purpose. If you have a space that you want to clear or dedicate to a higher power this is the date to hold the ceremony for it. The angel number message of 777 is "Accept your role and journey as a spiritual light for others." If angel numbers are calling you preorder my new book from the links at the bottom of this forecast.

It is also a great month to find the right space to heal and be heard in. Whether it be through talk therapy, 12-step groups, movement classes, somatic release, dance, nature walks, etc. Finding the space to talk things through and validate your own voice and experience is so valuable. Being in spaces where no words are needed are equally important. Whether it is with a good friend or with a group of new people, there is expansion and understanding to be found.

It’s a month where travel, money and exchange are part of the energy. It could be that you have a vacation or trips coming up but it could also come from people visiting or from spontaneous meetings.

Here are the cards for this month from Tosha Silver's The Wild Offering Oracle deck. The deck uses different words throughout for the Divine so feel free to replace it with your own if the one on the card doesn't quite resonate. Travel - Let every aspect of this trip unfold in harmony. May Divine order arrange and handle every detail, I'll be guided easily and follow the leads as they are shown.

Divine Timing - The Divine brings things in the timing that we need. Nothing comes before we're prepared, nor leaves too early. May I always trust Your perfect and holy timing, dear Lord!

Empowerment - When you ask the Divine to take over, you get pulled into your own authentic power. It's a force of inner Love that WANTS your wholeness and magnificence. Unfold my true and radiant self, dear Lord!

Cards from Tosha Silver's Wild Offering Oracl Card Deck

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer

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