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The Numerology Forecast - June 2023

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A new month means a new Numerology forecast! June is a month of change, relocation, redesign and upheaval. The energy is loving and lucky and wants us to open the door wide for the blessings coming our way - even the ones in disguise.

Note that the monthly energy will affect you differently based on your base numbers and name.

This is an energy that wants to stir things up. We can move because of internal or external pressure, but the most important thing is that we take action. Maybe you feel pushed to take the next step in your business, relationship, health, spirituality or creative pursuits. If you're more used to being forced through expansion, then that is the way the energy will show up. Or if you’re living a little too much in the future, meeting each expansion a bit early before it has fully formed, then the energy is here to offer a lesson in timing, tempo and collaboration. As in a dance with a partner, you can only anticipate the other person's movements so much before your readiness becomes a hindrance to the dance itself.

June is here to teach us to focus on the feeling of the dance and less on the performance and perfection of it. Your plans for the next few months could drastically change or get reshaped by the energy of the next four weeks. Whether you’re going into summer or winter months, there is potency in both hibernation and blooming.

If you’ve been getting my emails for a while you will know how often I talk about de-cluttering, making space and releasing the old. Maybe I should have gone down the Feng Shui and space-clearing road instead of Numerology? But it’s one of my most often dispensed pieces of advice because the amount of input in our lives has drastically changed over the last couple of decades. From physical things to information and entertainment streams that fill our homes, heads and energy fields with what is a treasure or joy in the moment. Yet they leave us in crammed-up spaces with numbed-out emotions and a sense of depletion that we think we can organize or self-develop ourselves out of.

Even self-development can become a road of achieving certifications, getting readings and hoarding courses, books and adding more and more tools to our toolbox. This month there is a lesson around subtraction instead of addition when it comes to our lives. It is not about adding something new but changing a pattern or removing a habit, energy, relationship or physical things from your space.

Clutter is insidious. It tricks us into thinking the work ahead of us (clearing it) is harder than the challenges it creates for us, so we ignore it. We make intentions to deal with it later. We put it where we won’t see it, thinking that’ll help us feel a little better – but what we really experience is all that resistance and overwhelm creeping into other places of our lives. The clutter we dread and avoid is often infiltrating our happiness. Meanwhile, the more we resist dealing with those postponed decisions and piles of procrastination, the more we compromise our own energy. The cycle will continue until something disrupts it. - Amanda Gibby Peters, Simple Shui.

There is joy in tackling the right problems, and the challenges that leave you feeling like you moved the needle, and set your future self up for success. From the smallest little pushes towards more joy and freedom to the big moves that change your life direction, June wants you to succeed.

Here are the cards for this month from Tosha Silver's The Wild Offering Oracle deck. The deck uses different words throughout for the Divine so feel free to replace it with your own if the one on the card doesn't quite resonate.

Forgiveness - Healing comes from acceptance. Help me, dear Lord, to fully accept what Is, knowing that this alone will open me to the New!

Make it God's - Release the idea of "my". As soon as you start to say, "The money; the relationship; the job," freedom arrives. When there is no grasping, the right actions get shown. Free me from the prison of "my," dear Lord!

Direction - Lord, please show me the right action, right now. Please bring a sign and a miracle that gives clear direction. May I hear the promptings of my own body. And if for some reason I'm about to head the wrong way, please STOP me!

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer

PS: Know someone who would love to know more about what June has in store for us? Share this forecast with them now!


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