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The Numerology Forecast - July 2022

Do you remember the forecast from June - the one that was all about love or lack thereof and a bit of mending a broken heart? I always write from a more 1:1 and interpersonal point of view which means I look at how global energies affect us as individuals. But the last month felt like a collective heartbreak. While the Supreme Court of the USA's decision to make life harder for humans with uteruses only legally impacts Americans the message and repercussions will ripple across the globe.

So hearts have been breaking and the rage is justified. Now, upheaval is on the horizon in July. The overall theme for this month is change and transformation, meaning on the lower end of the spectrum rebellion, the breakdown of systems and order, chaos and mistrust. On the higher end of the spectrum healing, community and new foundations. I’m feeling the waves and storms gathering strength and intensity.

We can use this energy collectively to question the systems, hierarchy and leadership we see around and inside of us. You might feel the push to step into focus and share your viewpoints and vision more clearly.

There is a theme of authenticity. Maybe you’ve been trying to not offend anyone by keeping certain parts of your identity, past or opinions under wraps, it would be a great month to allow yourself more playroom and trust that if you show up more fully you’ll be heard and seen in the right way. It’s better to be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea.

You might have tried to keep yourself more palatable not to push people, potential clients or opportunities away and have become bland in the process. Dust off the cover of normalcy and state your intentions and visions for others to hear. No one can follow an invisible leader or recognize themselves in a half-baked conviction.

There is also a theme about travel and moving energetically this month which means that if you’re going somewhere please double-check all the details as things could get derailed or canceled. The traveling energy means that the journey could be unexpected, or if you’re moving that you might have to adapt and improvise in ways you didn’t see coming.

The cards for July are from Tosha Silver’s The Wild Offering Oracle Deck.

Truth - When everything is done as an offering, even the act of speaking, you get shown when to talk and when to be silent. Your words come from silence, not fear. You do the talking dear Lord. Take me over and speak through me!

Clarity - Let me trust my deepest instincts in all ways, especially when matters are unclear. May my own holy intuition always guide the way.

Direction - Lord please show me the right action right now. Please bring a sign and a miracle that gives clear direction. May I hear the promptings of my own body. And if for some reason I’m about to head in the wrong way, please stop me!

July is a no-session month for me but my calendar is open for August so if numerology is calling you, find out how to work with me here.

100% Love


PS: know someone who’d like to know what July has in store for us? Share the forecast with them!


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