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The Numerology Forecast - June 2022

As we move on from the sensitivity of May we are met with new depths and sparks in our relationships for June.

There is a lot of love in the air this month, lots of deep, break your heart open, feel it all and heal it all energy available. I do feel like some of the patterns coming up have to do with the broken kind of love, the disappointed heart.

Maybe you’ve been left out of a family function, someone forgot to invite you for a celebration or didn’t show up for you, on top of that they might have minimized, ignored or made fun of the pain they caused when you expressed yourself. This trigger might start an avalanche of little earthquakes inside the structure of you.

Maybe it goes deeper than that, maybe your unique path in life led you off the map that your parents had envisioned for you and you lost out on the acceptance and support of your family of origin, or old friends. Maybe it’s the angry or isolated teenager that needs some attention this month.

It hurts when people don’t love us for who we are. It hurts if we keep quiet and never show ourselves fully. It still hurts even if we show up boldly and live our life anyway.

There is a lot of love available this month so old fences could be mended, you could reach out and reconcile with people who’ve hurt you or someone might come back into your life and help you release old pain.

There is also the option of loving yourself harder, of letting your heart open up wider and engulf all the rejected parts that are like little children crying in a room that the parent has left long ago. You always have the option to go pick up and love on a younger version of yourself.

Love yourself enough for a whole family. Forgive people for loving you wrong or not loving you at all. If you can do this the reward comes in September when this energy of love comes back around with a bit more magic up its sleeve.

I recently realized I had a pattern of rejecting any love that wasn’t to my specification. I did it because at some point in my life all love felt overwhelming and like a demand. To make it easier for myself to deal with, I got really specific in what I wanted. This worked great as it clarified and called into my life exactly the kind of love I wanted. But now that I have a container that is not so overwhelmed by love I took a look at the rejection pile and realized that even when people show their love in a way that doesn't touch my heart in the deepest way, the love is still there. I can still receive it. Love is love. I allow people to love me to the best of their ability and appreciate them for it.

June is pride month and as part of the LGBTQIAP+ community I want to share a discount for my work. The code LOVE gives you 10% off for the month of June*.

The cards I pulled this month are from Tosha Silver's The Wild Offering Oracle deck. She uses different words throughout for God/source/the universe so if you don't resonate with one, replace it with what feels right for you.

Compassion - As you pray each day for greater compassion, a new self is born, drawing new people and experiences. Dear Lord, help me feel ever-deepening self-acceptance! May I see myself as You see me.

Divine Timing - The Divine brings things in the timing we need. Nothing comes before we're prepared, nor leaves too early. May I always trust Your perfect and holy timing dear Lord!

Self-love - Show me how to love myself; show me how to take care of the inner Child. Show me how to be kind within. When you step into self-forgiveness, so much can change on the outside.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer

*use the code LOVE for sessions and The Numerology Store and the code LOVED for payment plans, packages and tuition. Not applicable to already reduced offers or partial scholarships.

PS: Share this forecast with someone who’d love to know what June has in store for us!


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