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The Numerology Forecast - August 2023

Numerologist Novalee Wilder in a red jacket

August is here with magic, deception, illusions, love, physical and metaphysical pleasures and ailments in focus. We only get this kind of energy combination once in a while and not even every year so let's enjoy the good and be honest about the bad. The last time we had this exact flow was in 2014 and some of the themes and lessons from then will serve you very well for the next coming weeks.

One of the main threads in this energy has to do with following your dreams, aspirations and ambitions. This is especially true when it comes to a creative career move, anything connected to the arts, and when taking a leap of faith. This month I would jump over the naysayers and knuckleheads, don’t even let them finish their limiting tirades. This is because there’s a real chance of derailment in entertaining that worldview or trying to disprove their words. You might commit to a major life change or redirection but instead of having all your attention, joy and focus go toward it, someone’s comments, opinions or straight-up interference can occupy your mind and time. Don’t let them take up space!

This does not mean that we don’t do our due diligence before diving in, but trust your vision and don’t go looking for more input when yours is enough.

There is magic in choosing yourself and your dreams. At each stage and season of our lives, this choice will look slightly different. In our early years, we might have fewer responsibilities and so big moves can seem easier and be more visible. With children, homes, jobs, pets, aging, etc. the choices can be less obvious and have more to do with our habits, refining what is already there and not becoming complacent.

I recently reread Atomic Habits and it is an incredibly apt read for this month and the rest of 2023. Since it's a modern classic you might have it on your bookshelf already. If you have become stuck in any area of your life, I recommend picking it up again to understand and plan out the habits that can bring you back into the flow.

There is a theme about pleasure this month, being indulgent and letting your senses get overwhelmed in the best way. Still, we want to be discerning and choose the most satisfying path on all levels, with no hangovers or morning-after regrets. Pleasure should feel good before, during and after we enjoy it. Don’t limit yourself here, remember that pleasure can be physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and a combination of all of them. If any area of your life needs a little extra love and attention August is the month to invest in that and let it overflow into everything around you. Choose beauty and enjoyment.

There is an aspect to this energy that has to do with your health and wellness. Physical symptoms and diseases can show up to show you where energy is not moving and attention and care are needed. Areas can be neglected or overstimulated. Go to your doctor if anything is aching and meditate or pray on what the ache is also pointing to in terms of restrictions or lack of care.

The themes that bind everything together is Love, Divine love, and the connection between our hearts and the heart of all there is. When we take action on our dreams we step closer to our inherent nature as creators. We act in accordance with the identity of our most expansive self. If you struggle with self-love and allowing yourself care and beauty then August is here to show you the way. The more you take heart-based actions each and every day the easier you dissolve the blocks around your heart.

Here are the cards for this month from Tosha Silver's The Wild Offering Oracle deck. The deck uses different words throughout for the Divine so feel free to replace it with your own if the one on the card doesn't quite resonate.

Three oracle cards with affirmations from Tosha Silver's Wild offering deck.

Creative Blocks - If you are an artist of any kind, you can offer all work to the Divine, making it God's alone. I offer this for the Highest Good to benefit the planet. Please release me from any blocks and restrictions. May this serve all who need!

Gratitude - Find just one thing that you feel grateful for right now and let that gratitude pour through your body. It's a healing balm, like the warmth of the sun.

Ambition - May I offer all my deepest longings to Love Itself and invite in a Divine Plan beyond the mind's imagining. Please use me for the Highest Good!

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer

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