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The Numerology Forecast - August 2022

This new month seems kind of contradictory in its energies, we have Leo season with themes of expression, expansion, connection and curiosity. At the same time, something in the air smells nostalgic, you might be looking back at old decisions, having a sense of deja vu and evaluating your life.

It could be that August runs on two very different tracks for you, it feels emotionally thick and slow while actions and reality could be moving fast. You might be moving on, moving out and starting new things but still feel like your heart and mind are working through something that has passed like walking through a waking dream.

It might be the Lion's gate on July 8th I’m tapping into here but if you have a feeling of seeing multiple timelines or possibilities happening at the same time that would be normal. There is a sense of retracing our steps or catching up to a goal that has morphed into something else as you’ve gotten closer.

The veil between everything is thin, time is more malleable than you think. If you have dabbled in lucid dreaming this is a time to devote some more energy to the practice.

August is a time to dream and visit future or alternate versions of yourself. A time to play and be submerged in universes other than your normal one. This could be through reading, watching, meditating and traveling to new places or revisiting old stomping grounds.

The energy of people’s potential is up for examination this month. Don’t dream so much or get so immersed in the glow of other people's potential that you forget who they are. Trust that the actions you see from others are more real than any words they say. Encourage follow through and lead by example. Don’t get discouraged if something or someone turns out to be less than what you expected. Be happy that you have the ability to see the good in the world and the wisdom to let people be who they are.

There are opportunities for serendipitous meetings and exchanges this month. Use your network if you need help with something, and refer the people you know to others. Think of how you can serve the greater connection between people in your community or across the globe. Maybe you’ve just seen or heard something cool, fun or interesting - let the world know about it. Maybe you’ve created something new, groundbreaking and wonderful - let the world know about that too!

The cards for August are from Tosha Silver's Wild Offering Oracle Deck. The deck uses different words throughout for the Divine so feel free to replace them with your own if the one on the card doesn't quite resonate.

Cards from Tosha Sil'vers Wild Offering Oracle Deck
The cards for August 2022

Striving - Eventually the individual ego's drive to 'make things happen' falls away, replaced with a relaxed, trusting openness to answers as they arise. Thank you, Divine, for letting me move with the Flow!

Perfectionism - Permission to make mistakes is so freeing. It's the root of creativity and change. Allow me, Divine, to make as many mistakes as I need. Free me from the prison of perfectionism!

Patience - If you've tried forever to shift a problem, there's probably something to learn from embracing it. May I let this BE for now. Help me relax and trust every need will be met. Often change soon follows!

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer

PS: know someone who’d like to know what August has in store for us? Forward this email to them now.

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