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The Lion's Gate Portal 8/8

A male lion lifts it head towards the sun with closed eyes. The Lion's Gate Portal 8/8 by Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder
The Lion's Gate portal 8/8

Today 8/8 marks The Lion’s Gate portal. if you’re extra sensitive to the energies you might have felt it opening over the last two weeks. While the energy is most potent today you can work with the portal at any time you like. This goes for all of the portals and available energies, you can connect when you choose to do so, not only on the date or moment it opens.

The Lion’s Gate is named after the Leo season it falls within - July 22nd to August 23rd. It’s connected to Sirius, the brightest star in our sky. Sirius is part of the Canis Major constellation and is known as Alpha Canis Majoris or the Dog Star. It’s visible in the east in very early summer morning hours in the northern hemisphere.

From a numerological perspective, 8/8 indicates that we have to look at the greater elements of balance in our lives. One of the base number 8’s biggest life lessons has to do with the connection between heaven and earth. Connecting the practical and the spiritual. Darkness and light, grief and joy, heaviness and ease. Finding the equilibrium between extremes.

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As The Lion’s Gate opens you have an opportunity to receive a tremendous amount of energy and support. We’re dealing with the energy of the number 8 and nothing about this portal is fast or superficial. If you choose to work with the energy please take your time and let it unfold for you. 

The number 8 is connected to Saturn and the Lion’s Gate to Sirius. Saturn is the teacher that reminds us of the greater plan and that it’s impossible to skip a lesson that we’re meant to master. Sirius is sometimes referred to as the central or spiritual sun of our universe and right now it opens up a channel of light for you to anchor into. 

The lion’s gate is a pillar of light in the darkness. As we travel through life much of our days are spent on trails where the sun and light are obscured by the trees and challenges around us. As we walk down unknown and shifting trails it’s hard to know if we’re on the right track when we can’t see the sky above. Today is a time to look at your own internal sky. Where are your guiding lights and deeper calling leading you? Are you facing the future you want or have you been following the wrong navigational system?

Sirius is connected to dogs, wolves, floods, and rain. There is a lesson here about the instinctual aspect of your nature. The spiritual aspect of your emotions. Look at where you follow blindly and loyally without questioning the leaders. Accepting or rejecting authorities based on your immediate and instinctual response. The cycles of devotion to and forsaking of ideas. Spend a moment appreciating the vastness of your emotional life as it connects to your spirituality. What feels good to you? Submerge yourself further into the study of the fields that interest you, rinse off anything that feels untrue.

Meditation works well to connect to the energy of The Lion’s Gate portal. Focus on the symbol of the number 8 as if you were continuously drawing it in your mind’s eye and repeat the meditation every day for a few days to go deeper with the energies.

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer

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