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The Numerology Forecast - April 2021

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The Numerology Forecast - April 2021

April this year is an opening and ending all in one. Aries season has elements of rambunctious joy and childlike excitement. Immediate feedback. Clear no’s and yes’s from our core and our surroundings. Depending on how your joy has been cultivated over the last year you will feel the energy as an invitation or a hard kick to get into a new level.

It looks like more new ideas, inventions and advances will see the light of day this month. There is also an undercurrent of anger - I’m expecting ‘collective rage’ in both small and big ways, from road rage to public outcry on important matters of justice and equality. The outcomes from trials, deception, and the test of promises will be in focus.

You might feel deeply defeated at times, struggling to see the point of it all - comparing right now to where you were headed a year ago. Some of the sadness and grief from last year will turn into dismissal, critique, and an ‘I’m over it!’ energy. In tune with true Aries energy, you’ll want to cut the cords that bind you and only recognize your own authority.

The cards I pulled for this months energy are from Meggan Watterson's The Divine Feminine Oracle and the Moonology Oracle by Yasmin Boland:

Disseminating Moon - Take time to breathe out. Where you are is okay. Don't fall into a slump, take some time out to reset and clear your head. if you're waiting for confirmation on something it's coming soon.

Full Moon in Sagittarius - Look at the bigger picture. Take time out for a break or adventure. What are the most positive aspects you can focus on right now? Stay open to surprises and know that uncertainty is part of the most rewarding journeys.

Pope Joan - The Pontiff of Possibilities - "The possibilities are limitless because the soul is limitless". There is something your soul wants for you that will give you more than you ever think to ask for. Allow yourself to question your dreams and wishes, what would be outrageous, unheard of - beyond what you think you could receive? Now let that push your limits. Glass ceiling? Never heard of her!

100% Love Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Writer

PS: If you find value in these forecasts please feel free to share them with a friend!


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