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Quarantine tips from a solo entrepreneur

This blog post is coming from the same place it's always coming to you from = my home office. I've had chats with friends and clients this week about what staying mostly within the confines of our homes can do to our mood, sense of self and motivation. That's why I'm here to help on the most practical level I can, as someone who works from home I've got a few tips I'd love to share with you! These tips are also great if you're already a creative/freelancer or struggle with motivation.

Now before you start on the tips I would like to address the current emotional climate we're also constantly walking around in. In Numerology, we look at a 4 year like 2020 and how it brings upheaval, change and on a certain energetic level the right set up for a revolution. That means that many things will fall and change and these things will affect you on multiple levels. It's always possible that a break-down can turn into a break-through. If you find yourself spiraling I recommend EFT to bring you back to solid ground. Gala Darling and Brad Yates both did free EFT videos recently on the coronavirus where all you need to do is follow along.

I shared some tips in the last email that I'd use the first part of the quarantine days to decompress and tend to your inner child. But there may come a time where you want to shift gears and feel more productive, that's what the following tips are for.

1. Plan your top three daily tasks ahead of time. Do the one you dread the most first. Play the rest by ear. It's too easy to get swept up in cleaning, scrolling, eating, doodling and all the procrastinating that your home is usually host to. It's also too overwhelming to tackle everything in one day. Take a moment right now to pull out a piece of paper or your calendar and make a list of the three most important things you want to get done tomorrow. Give them approximate time windows and then be done with it. Do this every night so you can just get up and start. Getting the ball rolling is the most important.

Sub tip. Batch similar tasks you have to do in a week into one big chunk like you would a meal plan. If you have to create content/shoot pictures/videos/plan out projects - batch it all together.

2. Meal plan or at least double batch every meal you cook. You might suddenly be cooking a lot more these weeks and if you're in the groove with a creative project switching gears to survey the pantry and figuring out what to eat will take you away from it. Don't forget to get your hydration going, as you see in the pic above I always have a few glasses already lined up when I get to my desk.

3. Shower, dress and act like you're not going to spend all day at home. Your productivity falls if you're giving your brain all the signals of another day on the couch. Make an effort to start the day in whatever version of a working-from-home-outfit that you wouldn't mind actually walking out the door in. Put on jewelry and wear perfume if you'd like.

4. Schedule social breaks. Be mindful of not just scrolling but actually write and call your friends and family. Make sure you get some social interactions in and make sure to only do long calls that might affect your energy AFTER you've crossed off at least one of your big tasks for the day.

5. Plan a clocking out time and a reward for yourself. My brain is usually kinda rubbish at more complex tasks around 4 pm so I make sure to plan my day accordingly and have an episode of a favorite TV-show or delicious dinner already waiting for me. This, plus moving away from my desk, signals to my body and brain that we're done for the day.

6. Get your sleep. I try to switch from phone and laptop to a kindle or book later in the evening. Give your eyes a break and try to keep a steady night and morning routine so you're not slowly turning to a night owl - unless that's totally your thing then go for it!

7. Move your body. This might be the most important. Take a 5-minute dance break at least once a day. Give yourself the reward of a walk or work out. Follow a yoga video on YouTube. Stretch your neck, shoulders, arms, and wrists if you work a lot at a computer. Put something physical as one of your 3 daily tasks and plan the time to do it. This lifts your mood way more than anything else if you consistently take care of your body.

This is a great time to work on creative projects, passive income streams, that book or screenplay you've been thinking about or any kind of passion or dream. Plan for action and clarity to make the most of your days. Practice gratitude for the roof over your head and the time to dive deep.

If you have to take care of your kids or other people invite them to take part in your daily schedule. Don't try to force anything but make them help pick that afternoon reward, take part in the cooking and enjoy dancing or moving together. If you have a partner see if you can take shifts so you both have some time to work uninterrupted on your tasks.

Let me know if you implement any of these tips and how it affects your days!

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100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

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