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Numerology and Anger

I’ve encountered a lot of angry people this week. Some had an immediate reaction to their boundaries being crossed and a couple finally had old anger surface that needed to be dealt with. I’ve spent a very big chunk of my life being perpetually pissed off so I thought I would address this from a numerological standpoint.

Anger is a pointed finger that directs your attention to what’s not working or where there is a breach of the perimeter around you. Sometimes the true source of present anger is ancient because your boundaries were crossed very early on in life. This creates both a hyper-vigilant nervous system and/or repression of the immediate response to a threat. All this is visible in your numeroscope and yearly cycles.

In Numerology anger is often represented by the number 9 and it can show up in conflict with your essence. The 9 encompasses the image of the warrior and protector. When I see a lot of 9 or 18/9 in a numeroscope during a session then I know we need to address not only how to express anger but how to deal with self-hate and a very aggressive inner critic.

The stigma around anger and especially angry women are still deeply rooted in almost all female-identifying people I know. Since anger and the tools of expressing boundaries have been taken from us through time, it can be hard to claim and find female role models using their anger as a positive power and right.

The problem with misplaced anger and manipulating your anger into expressing itself differently is that it can turn into self-hate and rage. By not letting anger out or trying to direct its flow you only piss it off even more and turn it into rage. Rage is even less accepted in our society so you swallow it and let it fester inside, eventually turning it into a disease. To get all peaceful warrior on you:

You have to follow the river of anger until it reaches the sea of peace. Accept the natural flow.

I have a list of ways of dealing with anger because even though my name change has removed the pit of rage in my stomach the world is not all love and light. Part of stepping into my essence is assuming responsibility; drawing on the power of clear boundaries and making sure that the only authority I bend to is my own. I even give out my list to clients with a particularly tough old set up when it comes to anger, dysfunction and a raging inner critic. It’s helpful to have tools when you’re rebuilding and reintegrating all of who you are.

100% Love and rage on

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

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