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The Numerology Forecast - September 2022

September always intensifies the global energy and as the heart is the focus this year you might be dealing with a breaking, mending or expanding heart; maybe even all three things at once.

We have the always lovely ‘back to school’ energy coming at us and Mercury will be retrograde from Sept. 9th - Oct. 2nd which brings outer noise in the form of mishaps with communication and business.

The energy of September is personal, there are core heart truths surfacing for us all this month. There is potential for deep heart healing that anchors into generational and/or spiritual lineage clearing. Meaning that what you’re going through and making sense of will ripple through time and space to create more room for love on all levels. We often think our self-development is only tied to our own path but there are times our focus becomes a magnifying glass for patterns that came long before us and we're just the right person to recognize and release them.

It’s important to seek and sit with your heart and truth in the coming weeks. To examine where and with who you place your heart. Do you have a habit of throwing yourself into relationships or commitments and get lost? Are strong emotions and intensity seductive to you? Are you expressing more love and moving fast to ‘get to the good part’ instead of building a relationship slowly? Do you find yourself idolizing the idea of a relationship and how it should unfold? Do you self-edit in your interactions or how you share about your feelings, past or dreams to stay within a certain image or persona?

One of the ways we can betray our heart is through shame. Often we don’t even know that the feeling underneath a behavior is shame because the actions we perform are ‘loving’. Shame means we give away our willpower, hide our thoughts and contort our communication into what we think is appropriate based on old social agreements that we ‘consented‘ to as children but we’re ready to break as adults.

You cannot get to experience ALL of what you want by being or sharing only PART of who you are.

There is a theme this month about the limits of our personas. A focus on our social facades and what we sacrifice to maintain them. You’re allowed and have permission to change your mind at any point in time. To break your word. You’re allowed to change a premise, end things, move, share your heart and thoughts unedited and not stay the course. You are allowed to tear down old personas and stop being available to people who have not evolved with you. You are allowed to show your heart, journey, grief and scars without any expectation or need to be met by others on the same level.

By being the nice and clean version of yourself you withhold the most attractive and magnetic attributes that we as humans possess - raw honesty and authenticity.

There is also a theme this month about picking the juiciest fruits in all areas of your life. If a relationship has gone stale or just run its course stop trying to pluck from that tree. Move on to a more generous orchard!

The cards for September are from Tosha Silver's Wild Offering Oracle Deck. The deck uses different words throughout for the Divine so feel free to replace them with your own if the one on the card doesn't quite resonate.

Self-sufficiency - The ultimate self-sufficiency is relying on God. It doesn't mean hiding in a cave and saying "I don't need people." Instead, it's saying "God is my source, and I am willing to receive all the help, love, and support that wants to come"!

Enjoyment - Striving and pushing makes life into endless hard work. The more you're inviting Love to take over, the more enjoyment comes. Allow me to enjoy this life, dear Lord!

Empowerment - When you ask the Divine to take over, you get pulled into your own authentic power. It's a force of inner Love that WANTS your wholeness and magnificence. Unfold my true and radiant self, dear Lord!

100% Love


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