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The Baby Name Session


The most beautiful effect of a harmonious name for a child is that all barriers against love will be removed.

With no restrictions on how much love they can give or receive, they'll embrace life and ultimately feel which path is right for them. Their essence will guide them to a life that fulfills and make them grow.

A harmonious name benefits both your child's life and your family dynamics.


The power of knowing the energies and vibrations behind a new soul's journey can help you support them and diffuse conflicts before they escalate.


Do you want to support your child in finding the right path for them and their essence from the very first moment?


When you look at names for your child, you'll pick one that feels right. It will sound and look right to you. Because it will match the vibrations you carry.


We can only lift our children to the level we're at. We will always pass on the energies that run in our family and what we've been attracted to and challenged by in our own life. But our kids come into this world with their own dreams and passions that can differ wildly from their parents.

Using numerology to understand what a soul came here to experience, express and contribute with can help us parent from a place of grounded compassion. Making sure we honor the gifts inside them and who they came to be.


What can a baby name session do?

  • If you're pregnant you can give your child a name that fortifies their essence from the very beginning*.

  • If your child is sick, born prematurely, or facing a challenging diagnosis a harmonious name can support them through it.

  • If you've changed your own name with the help of numerology you can give your child the same gift.

In the session, I map out your child's base number(s), life goals and lessons. I'll go over their old name and how it has influenced and shaped their life. I'll find the numeroscope that's the best fit for them and your wishes for their future.

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Thank you, thank you, for the beautiful reading you gave us for our baby girl. What a gift! We loved listening to you and can't thank you enough for helping affirm our name choices! They do feel like we 'downloaded' them and we're very sure they were meant for her.


Happy New Parents
Brooklyn, New York

Book a Baby Name Session (0-1 year)

FAMILY DISCOUNT Save 10% when you book name change sessions for at least two people or twins. Email me to get the code

*For baby name sessions please book as soon as possible, preferably before the birth. Avoid naming the child ahead of time. It's great to have preferences or favorite names that could potentially be used, but being too set on any name ahead of the birth can lead to disappointment.

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