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Everything in the universe is vibration. We pick up and give out frequencies all the time. Vibrations are in cities, countries, house numbers and book titles; most importantly they're in your name and birthday.


Numerology is an ancient esoteric science that works with the vibration of numbers, letters, and human destiny. As a numerologist, I look at the numbers in your birthdate to see your personality, strengths, challenges and inherent gifts. Then I look at your name to see how it is supporting or getting in the way of you living your full potential. Your name puts a filter on how you experience life. Some name vibrations can push us out of essence and down paths that don't fulfill us. I can look at any entity that has a name or a number: people, businesses, animals, houses, etc. and see the filters in play.

We can pick up on the vibration behind everything if we pay attention and the universe always picks up on us.​

We all have a frequency and will attract what we send out, whether we like it or not. The vibrations are always there. With numerology, we work on the deepest possible level, because your names are expressing the intention behind your life.


No one can raise themselves above their own frequency. You need somebody to boost you through the glass ceiling to an entirely new perspective. As a professional numerologist, this is what brings me the most joy - to make an entirely new vibration available.