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  • What is Numerology?
    Everything in the universe is vibration. We pick up and give out frequencies all the time. Vibrations are in cities, countries, house numbers and book titles; most importantly they're in your name and birthday. Numerology is an ancient esoteric science that works with the vibration of numbers, letters, and human destiny. As a numerologist, I look at the numbers in your birthdate to see your personality, strengths, challenges and inherent gifts. Then I look at your name to see how it is supporting or getting in the way of you living your full potential. Your name puts a filter on how you experience life. Some name vibrations can push us out of essence and down paths that don't fulfill us. I can look at any entity that has a name or a number: people, businesses, animals, houses, etc. and see the filters in play. How do I explain Numerology? I call it Astrology’s practical sister. Numerology is an ancient esoteric science that works with the vibration of numbers and letters. Numerologists look at the numbers in your birthday to see your personality, your strengths, challenges and inherent gifts. Then we look at your entire name to see how it is supporting or getting in the way of you living your full potential. Your name puts a filter on how you experience life. Some vibrations can push us out of essence and down paths that don't fulfill us. I can look at any entity that has a name or a number: people, businesses, animals, houses etc. and see the filters and paths in play. ​ We can pick up on the vibration behind everything if we pay attention - and the universe always picks up on us. ​ We all have a frequency and will attract what we send out, whether we like it or not. The vibrations are always there. With numerology, we work on the deepest possible level, because your names are expressing the intention behind your life. No one can raise themselves above their own frequency. You need somebody to boost you through the glass ceiling to an entirely new perspective. As a professional numerologist, this is what brings me the most joy - to make an entirely new vibration available. ​ As a Professional Numerologist I translate the vibrations I encounter. They tell me what the intention behind them is. What they want to surround themselves with, what they want more of, and what kind of filter they are on the world. ​ With numerology we work on the deepest possible level, because your names are expressing the intention behind your life. ​ You've heard about the Law of Attraction right? Another name for it could be the 'Law of Intention'. This universal law is in simple terms just 'like attracts like'. We all have a frequency and will attract what we send out, whether we like it or not. The vibrations are always there. In Numerology we go deep, we work with specific goals in mind, and we use the laws above on the deepest possible level. If you know about the Akashic Records, and that level of soul work then know that it's on that deep level we make the changes. Certain vibrations in your name will attract certain people and experiences in your life. By adjusting your vibrations you're working with the 'Law of Attraction' on the deepest level. THE HIGHLIGHTS: Q: What is Numerology? A: An esoteric science that deals with the vibrations behind numbers and letters. Q: What is a Numeroscope? A: One of the tools that a Numerologist uses to understand how your birthday and names affect the path and personality you have. Q: What is Vibration? A: Vibration = Intention Q: Who came up with this? A: A form of numerology is found within the root of all major religions and both eastern and Western spiritualism. The oldest forms of numerology is found within Vedic scripture and Chaldean lore. Q: What kind of numerology system do you use? A: I'm a professionally trained and certified Chaldean Numerologist.
  • Should everyone change their name?
    No, It is not for everyone to change their path. Anyone with an inharmonious set up would experience a change and lift from changing their name to a harmonious one. Harmonious in this context means a name that supports their personality and the growth they have signed up for in this life. But maybe the journey you're on isn't over, maybe you don't want to change your path. We're all on an individual journey and are looking at life from our own stand point. If we're done with the lessons embedded in our name we can use numerology and adjust our destiny and path with this tool. If your feel drawn to numerology it could be a sign that you're ready for new lessons and a new path in your life. You must always act on what feels right. A note on resistance: If your feel drawn to and at the same time, deeply provoked at the thought of changing your name, it could be your ego causing a ruckus and trying to convince you that you 'can't just change your life so easily.' The inner noise that fills up your thoughts is often a burning wish for change mixed in with a deep fear of the unknown. Please know that your choice is always the right one for you. If you want to know more but don't feel ready for a name change, The Name Check-Up is a great way of seeing if I'm the right numerologist for you.
  • Does a name change work even if I don't believe in Numerology?
    You don't have to believe it to see this vibrational shift come true. The universe is made up of vibration whether you want it or not. You have a numeroscope made up of your essence and name and this is the vibration that everything around you is responding to - it is always matching your frequency. When we use numerology to support your essence and raise your vibration, the new frequency will be different. A new name set-up will support you and will bring about transformation. As above so below.
  • How do I pick the right Numerologist?
    Follow your heart and trust the vibe you get. Don't trust anyone who uses fear to lure you in. Find more of my thoughts on this and my 5 tip to picking the right numerologist for you on the blog.
  • What can you use Numerology for?
    Numerology is a spiritual and practical tool that can be used as a key for growth, acceptance of the path we're on and understanding of the inner work needed to walk it. An experienced astrologer, palm reader, clairvoyant, numerologist or other light worker can 'read' you within the medium they master. They all access the same records and knowledge and filter it through the terminology their field offers and the filter they are on the knowledge too. Numerology is unique because it offers possibilities beyond the knowledge of our essence, name vibrations and yearly cycles. It offers us a new 'tool of change'. While the understanding of your essence can help you truly know yourself, the numerological name change gives you the option to adjust the filters and focus of your life. But Numerology as a tool reaches beyond even the personal name change. We can: - Pick dates of formation and names for our businesses, to make sure they serves us. name books and records. Pick prices and launch dates that fit our understanding of flow, abundance, recognition and sales. - Hire the right employees and understand the dynamics of our relations on a deeper level. - Use Numerology to create connections between multiple esoteric fields and the wisdom that binds us together through religion and culture. - Get better at accepting and loving the people around us for who they truly are. Understand the deeper needs and drives that they operate from. Support each other in living out our potential and embracing our inherent gifts.
  • Do I have to tell people I've changed my name?
    No, but you do have to change it legally. We're the name we're registered with. We're that vibration - all of it. We're all the names we're on our official papers, even if we don't use our middle names or if most people call us something else. The vibration of your name will work its magic no matter what your mom or partner calls you. If it feels right to 'come out' with your new name to the world - do it. Shout it from your rooftop if it feels right, burn the old name in a bonfire if you want. The transition is yours. If it feels right to keep it to yourself or only share it with a few - do that. People will react, some will embrace this new step you are taking. Others will be scared of the change and might comment negatively. See their behavior as a reflection of where they are on their journey. You just do you. You don't have to change your name on all social media platforms if you don't want to and there is no sense in rushing the public part of the process.
  • What does 'The Release' mean?
    Anyone who legally changes their name with the help from a Numerologist will experience 6-12 months of processing/purge/detox/cleansing/release/adjustment/change. Children usually experience a faster and shorter Release than adults. On a deep level you're releasing the old vibrations and the new ones are taking root. It can be a messy time because you're in between numeroscopes and basically living within them both. Some days you'll feel like you have moved on and at other times you'll feel like you're back in the old set up. This is completely normal. The new numeroscope will attract new experiences in your life - exactly like the old one did. It's the Law of Attraction, it will manifest in your life over time, on a deeper and higher level. I've seen the need within the clients I have for extra support and perspective during this time and have created an exclusive video series for my name changers. Check out THE NAME CHANGE SESSION to read more.
  • How fast does one experience change after a numerological name change?
    Some people experience change from one day to the next. Others only start noticing the changes in their inner and outer world looking back. It varies. After the first 12 months of your name change you usually look back at the person you were a year ago with a newfound understanding on the new journey you're on. Vibrations integrate and gets released with a variety of speeds. Often our bodies are the last to release a pattern. Many factors are in play in your release and integration. Whatever you're experiencing it's probably totally normal. Turn your focus away from any kind of goal or finish line and let the process unveil it's gifts, and the lessons it's offering you in the present moment.
  • Do I have to be named something weird after seeing a Numerologist?
    No. You get to decide in which direction your new name points you. Maybe you want something 'normal' or maybe you want to stretch your wings and see how exotic and fun your new name can sound or be spelled. You'll get lists with hundreds of names for your first name(s) and shorter lists with new last name(s). They lists are international and constantly updated. If you want to find names that fit your heritage or culture beyond what's on the lists you can use The Numerology Name Calculator to find the ones that have the right vibration. I love seeing the creative, bold, and beautiful new names my clients choose. It's incredibly fun and life affirming to name yourself.
  • What is a Numeroscope?
    A Numeroscope is one of the tools a Chaldean numerologist uses to decipher how your essence and name affects your life and mind. Through the numeroscope we look at the different layers of your life. Physical, spiritual, and emotional strengths and challenges are mapped out in the numeroscope, when we change our name most often our numeroscope changes too. Want to learn how to calculate your own numeroscope? Then my book 'A Little bit of Numerology' will introduce you to the basics of a reading.
  • What are the practical steps in changing my name?
    This depends on which country you're a citizen of. I take clients from all across the globe and will list the most common ways here and link to sites that can be helpful. It can seem overwhelming but just take it one step at a time. Denmark - follow this link to learn more. USA - find the requirements for your state by googling your city and state + name change. New York City - follow this link to fill out your forms online: After filling out the form and printing them along with instructions, take all the needed papers, ID and proof of residency to the court, pay the fee, run a notice in the local newspaper and show the newspaper ad to the court for verification and final approval. If you want help with this part of the name change you can get it from sites like legalzoom. AUS - follow this link to learn more. UK - name changes are done via deed poll, follow this link to learn more. Scotland - you will have to email for the most up to date info or check here. New Zealand - follow this link to learn more. Norway/Norge - follow this link to learn more and be aware that as a general rule you can only change your name once every 10 years. Sweden/Sverige - follow this link to learn more. Iceland - follow this link to learn more.
  • Can I pertition for a name no one else has/one I've come up with on my own?
    YES! As long as the name is not offensive or the name of someone known/a celebrity you have pretty free reign to create a new name.
  • Can you help people from other countries change their name?
    Yes. If your country gives you the oppotunity to change your name officially then I can help you do just that. The only limit could be letters within your alphabet that differ from the English and Danish alphabet. But reach out and we will look at the possibilities together. I've had clients from USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong, The Faeroe Islands and the UK and love working with international clients. If you're Danish please check out
  • Where can I find more information...about everything?
    You can see the sessions I offer here, you'll find more information on the what, why and how behind each session + testimonials from previous clients. I've written a great book: 'A Little bit of Numerology' that will take you through the history of numerology, base numbers, name vibrations and even show you how to calculate and start to read your own numeroscope. It's available in hardcover and kindle formats through amazon, Indiebound and most bookstores. It's available internationally as well. If you want know more about your own essence you can sign up for my newsletter and get the free e-book 'The 9 Base Numbers'. When you click on the FREE tab on the top menu you'll find links to podcast episodes, e-books, videos and more blog posts about numerology. The Internet in all its glory is also filled with all sorts of mismatched information and random 'numerological vibration calculators'. It can be quite impossible to sort through the information you'll find. If you read anything that call your fear in - make a u-turn. It should be a positive and uplifting experience to interact with and open up for new spiritual wisdom.
  • How does a session with Novalee work?
    Good question;) A session with me works like this: You pick the session that lets the biggest amount of butterflies loose in your stomach and book it. Once you've booked the session I begin to look forward to and ready my space to meet you and your vibration. Then you get an email with a bit of practical information before we meet virtually through Zoom. You can change your booking up to 24 hours before our session. As we're meeting virtually it's your responsibility to make sure that your internet is working and that the speakers and microphone of your computer is fully functioning. Email session are only conducted via email. You'll receive your audio file within 24 hours after the time slot you booked. Live sessions take from 1,5-2,5 hours and are also recorded so you can listen back to them whenever you like. After name change and business sessions you'll get name lists, the new harmonious numeroscope and yearly cycles to take home or scanned so you can print them if you'd like that. The first video that's part of THE NAME CHANGE SESSION will be send out as soon as you inform me of your official name change. You'll receive the next 11 videos throughout the next 11 months of your Release. I'm always available through email if you have questions after a session. It's important that you take ownership of the process that we initiate together since it's unique to you. I'm here to support and hold up the light for you for the first of many new steps. The more you dive into and explore this new journey the faster the new vibrations will integrate and your own inner light will guide you.
  • What if I identify within the LGBTGIAPP+ spectrum, have religious beliefs, or gender concerns connected to changing my name?"
    You're always welcome in my space. I celebrate diversity and in my sessions there is space for all that you are. Gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity, religion or physical handicap should not be a barrier for wanting a reading or the support of a numerologist. The only requirement is that we can communicate on the level (through a translator if need be) that a numerology session demands. You're always welcome to send me an email if you have specific questions about accessibility, name change before or after a sex change etc.
  • How does one become a Professional Numerologist?
    Always find the best training available and make sure you like the vibe you get from the teacher. Numerology is an ancient spiritual tool and should be taught with integrity and empathy for the unique path each student is on. We should all walk our talk when it comes to the professional levels of spiritual training and I'm honored to be teaching Chaldean Numerology on the highest level through The Numerology School. If you're interested in learning from me, please sign up for the newsletter on the school page.

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