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The Signature Sessions


We're often the most oblivious to our own inherent gifts, power and beauty.


To be seen and celebrated in all your human glory of gifts, challenges, scars, and deeper purpose - that's what this session is for.


Nothing else has brought about such immense and profound transformation in my life as my work with the ancient esoteric tool of numerology and I'm honored to offer the experience to you.

The session is a practical intro to your unique numbers, the ones in your birthday, name, and yearly cycles - and the intuitive insights and answers that pop up in the moment.

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Numerology shows you the life lessons you're here to master in an ever-evolving way. It reveals emotional, physical, and mental patterns that you can learn to understand and work with.


As a reader of these patterns, it's my intention to make it as easy for you to integrate the information as possible. I've walked this path before you and I know where the internal and external tripwires are. We will dive deep into the ways that your numbers are influencing your life and the opportunities coming your way.

I'll spend some time before our call with your numbers and listen to the inputs from your spiritual team as they're always very excited about being heard! I feel into the lessons and messages that are important that you get.

The Signature Session can be used as a single session or as ongoing mentoring and numerology support.

What is included and what can
this session help you with?


The moment you book your session I begin the work on your vibrational shift in collaboration with all the energies surrounding you.



  • An in-depth 1-hour reading of your birth date, and current name, with plenty of time to ask questions and get intuitive guidance. At times a lot of information wants to come through and we might go a little over time.

  • You'll receive an email with a link to download the recording of our time together for you to listen back to whenever you want. The recording is for you to revisit when you need reminding of core gifts and challenges in your unique numbers.​

  • After-the-session ceremony for extra flow. This happens after our call to help your energy field integrate all the insights.

  • Further sessions can be booked to go deeper or as support, mentoring and numerology insights when it fits your life. This can be an add-on to your name change, or as part of your personal journey.

You can book The Signature Session as a one-off, or as a package of 6, or 12 sessions.

The Signature Session
6 Session Package
12 Session Package


Q: Do I have to know anything about numerology to book this session?

A: No, this is the perfect intro to seeing the gifts of your birthday and name.


Q: What if I'd like to get a sense of you and what numerology can reveal first?

A: You're ready for The Name Check-Up!


Q: Do you offer a payment plan?
A: Yes, please reach out and let me know what kind of plan would work for you.


Q: What if I'm ready for a name change, do I have to invest in this session first?

A: No, go to The Name Change.


Q: Do I have to believe in numerology for it to work or for you to read me?

A: No. Numerology works no matter what. Your self-awareness and focus will help the insights settle.


Q: What if I have a question you haven't answered here?

A: Check out the FAQ or send it to me.


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