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The Name Check-Up


This session is for you if you're curious about numerology but want to know more before investing in any of the longer and deeper sessions.


The name check-up is perfect if you want to know how your current name is influencing you.


It's also an excellent way to experience how it feels to be seen by me, how I hold space and deliver the insights that your name and birthday hold.

This session gives you clarity and a deeper understanding of how your name impacts your life.


It can be used for you, your business, or your child's name.

Book your Name Check-Up

Numerology is an ancient esoteric science that works with the energy behind the numbers in your birthday and the letters in your name. By using numerology we can connect the dots between our lived experience, birthday and the vibration in our name. We can see what we're meant to do and how to embrace the unique gifts that are ours to explore in this life time.


Why book a Numerology Name Check-Up?

  • To understand how your name is influencing your life and if there is value in changing it.

  • Make sense of former name changes or if you're going through a transition like marriage or divorce.

  • To look at possible business names and if they align with what you want for your business future.

  • Thinking of changing your child's name? I can see if the names you're looking at will support the energy they're here to express.

  • To gain clarity, acceptance and validation of your lived experience and the right next steps.

If you've worked with a different numerologist or changed your name without the support of numerology you can get my thoughts on if there are better and more supportive options waiting for you. It can also be used to take a look at your business or your child's name.

How does The Name Check-Up work and how do I book it?

  1. Book the session below and fill out the form with your legal name, birthday, and any specific questions you may have.

  2. I'll record a 15 min. audio file where I go over the numbers in your birthday, and name and answer your questions.

  3. If you have more than two names for me to look at please consider booking the 30 min. extended Name Check-Up.

  4. Within 24 hours of your session time, you'll get an email with a link to download your personalized audio file.

  5. You can listen back to the recording any time you like and you're always welcome to email me if questions arise after listening.

What is The Name Check-Up not meant to be booked for?

If you want to know all the aspects of your birth date, name and numeroscope, please pick The Signature Session.

If you're looking to change your name, get new name lists and a brand new numeroscope, please book The Name Change Session.

If you're looking for support after changing your name or working with another numerologist, write me and let's see how I can help.

Book your Name Check-Up $125
Book your extended Name Check-Up $225
Book your Name Check-Up $125
Book your extended Name Check-Up $225
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