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Why change your name with the help of Numerology?

Why do people change their name? It turns out there are many reasons why someone would want to change thair name. Here is a list of the ones I hear most often in my practice as a professional numerologist. Last week, after having revealed the things I’d wish I’d known before changing my name, (did you miss that post? Read it right here) I promised to talk about some of the reasons people have for seeing a numerologist and changing their name.

In no particular order here are some of the reasons people change their name, number 3 might surprise you:

1.I hate my name.

Variations on this one include:

I never liked my name.

I don’t feel like a Brianna/Mette/Sean/Michael etc.

No one can ever spell my name.

My name is really hard to pronounce and/or doesn’t translate well.

Someone famous/notorious has the same name.

I was named after someone in my family that I don’t like.

All these reasons are pretty common and some people deal with it by going with their middle name, assuming an artist or pet name and so on. To me they all feel like a clear sign that the energy is off and that you’ve pinpointed the source of the discomfort, now it’s all about acting on this hunch.

2. My name ‘fits’ the gender I was assigned at birth but I don’t identify with this and I want my name to be gender-neutral or to work as an expression of my chosen gender.

I’d love to help more clients with this transition. Certain gender identity markers and preferences can be seen in your numeroscope. This shows me where there is a need for support and extra power to grow and show up authentically. It can even be that your specific karmic lesson holds a theme about the path to personal freedom and expression by showing the world the light you carry within.

3. I don't want my last name to be anything that ends with –sen or –son. I'm saying 'Sayonara!' to anything that labels me within a patriarchal structure as the property of a man. This also includes taking my significant other's last name, I’d love for us to come up with a new last name together when we get married!

Preach! I love this attitude simply because I think it's taking ownership of the course towards equality. It was definitely one of my concerns when I picked a new last name and if I ever change it again I’d like my name to not automatically label me as anyone’s property. This mindset also comes into play if you want to cut ties with other 'owners' that are implied in racial, religious or other structures that show up in your name.

4. Everyone and my best friend changed their name and their life has seriously changed for the better so fast. I want that for my family and me!

See this one is interesting because right now (especially in Denmark) thousands of people change their name every year with the help of a numerologist and nearly everyone knows of someone who's been through a numerological name change. I see the countries that have opened up for their citizens' right to change their name as places where the harmonious vibrations of a growing group of people will make other vibrational shifts possible for the country as well.

5. I'm drawn to numerology and it makes perfect sense to me that since everything in the universe is vibration - my names must have a vibrational effect on my life beyond what I know. So I want a name that supports and helps me in my life and I want to remove anything that isn't for my highest good.

Now this one is plain old logic to me, but few people formulate this into thoughts and words beyond 'It just feels like the right thing to do'.

Let’s round this up with my take on it. No matter what your motive for a name change is, I see the inclination for a vibrational shift as your soul saying:

Look, I get that I signed up for this lesson and path through these names and all that came with them at the time and after. But now I’d like something else. I’m done with this lesson, I’ve integrated the learning - now I'd love to see what else you got for me in your big bag'o'tricks oh dear Universe.''

When you seek out a Numerologist I see your soul on its tiptoes right behind you saying – upgrade, please!

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

PS: Depending on the level of upgrade you're ready for you'll be attracted to different Numerologists. If I'm your pick, learn how to work with me here.


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