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The Numerology Forecast - October 2020

We’re in the final stretch of 2020 and while I wish I could say that we should all just start planning our New Year’s parties and that it will be a quiet fall and winter, the global vibration of October is not playing around.

Mars has been in retrograde since September 9th and will go direct on November 13th. This means that people will choose indirect action, detours, and maybe even sneaky ways of moving forward with projects or expressing their desires. There is a lack of straight answers. When the planet of action and aggression is looking backward we will be inclined to look at old anger and disagreements from a new perspective and may feel ready to work it out.

The strongest themes I see in the numbers this month have to do with communication, overwhelm, lack of boundaries, emotional volatility, action for action’s sake, and threads back to January 2020. It feels like all surface-level action is making us more drained and could keep us from the most impactful decisions and actions.

If I could give you a ‘spiritual doctor’s order’ it would be: rest, nap, tune inwards, ground yourself, listen to your intuition, honor your needs.

While every connection, text, and email these days start off with ‘in these unprecedented times’ too many of them are trying to add hustle and action on top of the depletion. Sure there is money to be made, classes to attend, and deadlines to meet but there is no sustainable way of ignoring this year’s massive change and challenges. 

I was so lucky to win a tarot mentorship with Stace Coplin and am working with her right now. This is benefiting the students of The Numerology School and I drew three cards for October and will be adding that element to the forecasts, for now, to try it out! Cards from the Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini: Justice, Knight of Cups, and Eight of Swords.

Aquarian Tarot by David Pallidini: Justice, Knight of Cups, and Eight of Swords

Justice points to the libra season we’re entering and legal matters but also to karmic law and paying attention to the consequences of our actions, especially the ones that we do repeatedly. 

Knight of Cups points to the emotional aspect of our moral compass - evaluate your energy and where you spend it. I would look at emotional patterns of overwhelm - if you haven’t watched The Social Dilemma yet it might be a good time to see if your social media consumption is helping you decompress or keeping you complacent.

Eight of Swords points to a prison of your own doing, while some things are most definitely holding you back you’re still able to remove the blindfold and pick a path out of any messes you might be in.

Another way of looking at this spread is that justice is in your hands so VOTE if you're in the US and if you're not, make sure that you take action on the things that matter to your heart and future this month!

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist & Writer

PS: I’ve very quietly added a new offering to my site for the people who’d love to work with me and want a live 1:1 session or package, The Full Reading is available for booking now.


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