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The Numerology Forecast - June 2020

The Numerology Forecast - June 2020 by professional numerologist Novalee Wilder. Phpto depicts a butterfly on a flower in the sun
The Numerology Forecast - June 2020

Take a deep breath with me and let the new energy of June wash over you. Exhale and let this month become a new beginning. We’re leaving many heavy things behind in May and finding new space within the framework of outer constraints.

This year has put us all under pressure and like seeds planted deep in the ground, it’s time to stretch and crack yourself open. In this analogy of course I’d like to say we’re all heading for the sun but some of us have found our roots lacking during the last few months.

You get to choose to tend to your roots or your brave new leaves in the coming weeks. No matter where you put your focus it will be worthwhile. June is a breath of fresh air and it can feel like time moves a lot faster all of a sudden. We’re in Gemini season and Mercury will join the cohort of planets in retrograde on June 18th. 

With everything changing around us it can be draining to look too far ahead and June is definitely a time for shorter projects, quick turnarounds, and fast manifestation.

If you have anything short and sweet planned for your business, relationships or work June is a great time to just get it rolling and have fun. If you have bigger projects or long terms plans keep working on them but don’t expect that June will show you everything that your seeds hold. This is a time for making and enjoying honeymoon plans, not grand adventures.

June reminds us of the humor and lightness that is always available to us even when the pressure is mounting. You get to choose your attitude and approach to any challenges or expansions. While there are real limitations around us all please do examine the limits that your mind throws on top of them. Are you keeping yourself ‘safe’ by believing an inner narrative that holds you back? There is a deep awakening waiting when you release the idea that big changes have to be serious and painful. Play with the idea of ease and ask yourself to come up with ways of making your days and tasks more playful and fun.

100% Love


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