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The Numerology Forecast - April 2019

The Numerological Forecast for April 2019 by Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder

April has come around, and with it, we’re finally out of Mercury’s retrograde period and looking ahead again. I hope you made it safely through it with minimal technology challenges, blasts from the past and miscommunications!

This year is intensely focused on sharpening our ambitions and clarifying our focus when it comes to our personal responsibilities. This is not a process that solely takes place in your head. The month of April brings us a vibration that wants us, in a very springtime manner, to play around and let go of our logical mind and linear approach to the world and our goals.

If you've had a hard time moving forward the last month and felt stuck in a retrospective or introverted space then April wills you to seek out the cracks in the shell you have created by thinking inside the box.

There is a significant potential for intuitive breakthroughs this month and a sense that creative and unconventional approaches to problem-solving will be rewarded.

During this month it would be great to shake up your normal routine and gift yourself the chance to be surprised. If you usually work alone, seek out a collaborator or co-worker that you can bounce ideas off of. If you always rely on the power of a group to get things done, do a bit of exploration and work on your own. Break down your normal process and see if you add or subtract anything that would make it feel fresh and new.

Look at your take on creation, the ways you can reverse engineer the results you’re seeking and work in a way that feels more playful and free. Even the most boring everyday chores can be spiced up, and big scary challenges can be broken down in easy bite-sized accomplishments. Take a new route to work and order something different from the menu of your favorite take-out place.

As spring makes its way through the darkness of winter, we humans open ourselves to the light of the sun. Take inventory and see what you can discard from the past as you walk into a new month and a new chapter.

There is a gentle theme of love this month that can help you meet new people or romantic interests in serendipitous ways.

If a name change has been calling you, this month is so very ripe with the energy that such a leap of faith requires!

100% Love

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist + Author

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