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Quincy Jones - Numerology Case Study

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I watched the new Netflix documentary ‘Quincy’ the other day and had to look up Q’s names and birthday as I was watching. It’s always interesting to look at a famous and accomplished person through numerology since so many facets of their essence are captured in the public eye. That’s the fancy way of saying I geeked out a bit while calculating his name vibrations and looking at his life.

This little numerological case study will help you see just how much we’re shaped not only by our birthday but by the name vibrations we carry.

Quincy Jones is having a moment in the spotlight, which in and of itself is not surprising because he has had a whole lot of moments in his career that spans seven (!) decades. A composer, artist, arranger, conductor, instrumentalist, record company executive, magazine founder, multi-media entrepreneur, humanitarian, investor, and record, film, and TV producer. As a master inventor of musical hybrids, he has shuffled pop, soul, hip-hop, jazz, classical, African, and Brazilian music into many dazzling fusions, traversing virtually every medium, including records, live performance, movies, and television.*

Even If you’ve somehow never heard of him you’ve definitely encountered his work. From Lesley Gore’s 60ies anthem: ‘You don’t own me’, to the theme song from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ a show he also produced. He has scored more than 25 movies including ‘The Color Purple’. Produced Michael Jackson’s first three albums: ‘Off the wall’, ‘Thriller’, and ‘Bad’. Arranged and conducted for Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, and many more. His influence has shaped and created the sound that we connect with many of the great entertainers in the last six decades.

Quincy Delight Jones (Jr.) was born March 14, 1933, on the south side of Chicago. When we look purely at his essence = his birthday, the information we get is this:

14 = 1+4 = 5. Q’s first base number is 5.

March = 3 and within the Sun sign of Pisces.

1933 = 1+9+3+3 = 16, 1+6 = 7. Q’s second/yearly base number is 7.

There are 9 base numbers, each one with specific gifts, challenges, and life goals. In numerology, we use the digit sum of larger numbers unless we’re talking about name vibrations, karmic lessons, and/or life themes. Want to learn more about base numbers and yourself? At the bottom of this blog, you can sign up for the newsletter and get instant access to the free e-book ‘Your Numerological Essence’

So Quincy is a 5 and a 7, which tells us he was born to connect the dots, to communicate and translate the world he saw in front of and inside of himself into a new image. 5’s are born with a special mix of curiosity, adaptability, and business savvy. They have a traveling spirit that loves talking, language, connecting, exploring, exchanging worldviews, and meeting new people. They’re experts in conveying a viewpoint or idea in multiple ways and should never limit themselves to one field or way of expressing themselves.

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7’s are artistic souls with an intuitive and fiercely independent spirit. They belong and feel at home everywhere and nowhere all at once. Born with a strong connection to the unseen world they often live half their lives in this world and the other half of it in some daydream or creative frenzy. Being a Pisces amplifies this trait in Q as the 7’s are also connected to Neptune and the Sun sign of Pisces. He is definitely here to bring us a bit of his otherworldly creative vision.

Based on Quincy’s essence it seems natural that his creative and artistic side would bring him into contact with an enormous amount of people. For a 5 it can seem like no amount of social life or connections are too much. That the party never ends. They recharge by being around uplifting people and adapt readily to the situations and activities around them. They also have a blast dealing with larger groups, fans, audiences, and colleagues, which makes so much sense when you see how Quincy worked like few others with large orchestras, arranging and conducting both his own and other people's material with ease and lack of ego. More people equals more fun!

When you see him flying around the world in his 80ies, presenting and receiving awards, mentoring young musicians, collaborating with brands, and still building his empire; it’s with the joy of a kid that gets to do what they love. The talking, connecting with, and experiencing the world through the mediums of music and business and from many different angles within each field is right up his alley.

The seed of Quincy’s genius within music is certainly visible in his essence and is being supported by his names. 7’s have the gift of synergy = the ability to create something that grows beyond the sum of its parts. This is definitely what happened when he produced Michael Jackson's first three albums, the live recordings with Miles Davies at Montreux and many other collaborations.

When looking at Q's numeroscope, meaning how his names and essence interacts, it gets clear that Quincy was always a very, very hard worker. Quincy has 18/9 as a life theme means that the day starts and ends with a very straightforward unwavering dedication to putting in the work. He also both consciously and subconsciously was aware of this drive – both fame and being famous for the dedication to the work is apparent in the 17/8 vibrations that appear twice in his numeroscope. Knowing that the spotlight will find you as long as you keep doing your thing to the best of your ability is what this name vibration calls in.

A name vibration is calculated by adding up the numerical value of all the letters in it. The chart is based on the Chaldean alphabet.

1 = A I J Q Y Å

2 = B K R

3 = C G L S

4 = D M T

5 = E H N X

6 = U V W Æ

7 = O Z Ø

8 = F P


The calculation for the name Quincy Delight Jones looks like this;

Quincy: 1+6+1+5+3+1 = 17/8

Delight: 4+5+3+1+3+5+4 = 25/7

Jones: 1+7+5+5+3 = 21/3

Q’s name vibrations are 17/8, 25/7, and 21/3.

Quincy has a full house when it comes to name vibrations that make you the celebrated master in your field. They also tell us that his childhood demanded that he grew up fast and asked him to behave, think, and act way beyond his years.

There's a quiet brilliance that reveals how our names provide us with the filters we need to survive our family constellations and upbringing. In Quincy’s case, the gentleness of his essence does not conjure the image of a warrior or someone who will be willing to tough it out no matter what. But his numeroscope brings these traits to the table. He has name vibrations that show us that responsibility and victim mentality has been themes he has had to work on. While the interactions of his essence with his names show us a deep passion for his craft and an almost supernatural ability to make it back from the depths of despair or extreme challenges. It also shows an appetite for life that could lead to infidelity and getting caught up in the fear of missing out. The spectrum of complete lack of responsibility in some areas to the extreme sense of duty and dedication on the other is in play.

While there seems to be a never-ending supply of power and challenge in his numeroscope there also is a theme about sublimating anger and other heavier emotions into work. His work both saves him from hitting bottom yet is the thing that drives him over the edge. Turning off and slowing down doesn’t feel like an option and he can keep going when others quit or simply need to sleep.

While numeroscopes can’t predict the future or health in the most specific terms, they do give us pointers to the issues that could arise. T