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Fear - how to get beyond it

Great balls of fire I've been scared this week! I don't usually fret much about the future or worry about things that are clearly out of my control but this week has been a shit-hit-the-fan-storm for me. That's why I want to talk fear and how that shows up in name vibrations and numeroscopes. You also get both the scientific and the Novalee way of dealing with fear.

First off - fear is natural and it's here to help. It wants to keep you safe and out of harm's way. Like an overprotective mother it swoops in with the tools it has to work with: the freeze, fight or flight mechanisms of your brain and nervous system.

When I look at numeroscopes that have a number of overactive energies - like 10/1, 12/3, 14/5, 16/7 and 19/1 (see the e-book below for more info.) I often have to talk about fear and anxiety as filters in life. Name vibrations can trigger your fear response and over time you will constantly be living in a slight state of freeze, fight or flight. It's important to bring these systems into conscious conversation so they can be turned off and the threat evaluated clearly. Often the presence of these vibrations and energies show us what kind of world you've grown up in and have had to adapt to. Being hyper vigilant and two steps ahead of the game can bring a sense of control and order to a life where other people are unpredictable, scary or unavailable.

Now fear has frozen the pipes to sweet and heart expanding safety-inducing hormones like endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. What do we do?

These are tried and tested scientific ways of getting a boost of the happy hormones:

Exercise - both the hardcore spinning class and the long walk counts and contributes to the release of the good stuff. For extra omph set a goal for your work out session and reach it.

Spicy food - this of course only works if you actually like the spicy food you're eating. Your taste buds will tell your brain to get happy with each bite.

Gratitude and cultivating a positive mindset - move beyond counting your blessings. Set intentions and chose what attitude you bring to the table and walk out the door with.

Goals - set them and go get them. Shrink your to-do list down to the 3 major things that have to get done today and as soon as these goals have been met it's time to play!

Sun - D-vitamin is crucial for your body and so is light. Get outside or at least in front of a big source of light for at least half an hour a day.

Physical contact - hug your friends, family and pets longer and schedule a massage. Positive physical contact does wonders for your over all mood and literally makes your heart expand.

Now my own three ways of dealing with fear are here:

First, I make feeling good right now a priority. No time to make it pretty, as long as it's not bad for you anything goes in this category: good food, chocolate, obscenely long showers, orgasms, dancing/moving/exercise, sleep, meditation, watching comedy and bloopers, physical touch, yelling, crying and punching pillows. It's really about treating yourself as the most important person in your life and therefore listening to the needs you have right now. Full permission to follow your gut.

Second, I give it over to my higher power and the helpers I have both in this world and the other realms. I ask for help and for the solutions to come to me. Giving it over releases me from the illusion that I can fix or outsmart the future. Asking for help makes me feel less alone since a problem shared is a problem halved.

Third, I give myself permission to freeze, fight or flee away from what scares me. This week I yelled at someone and the fear turned into anger that I could let out. While it is not the 'grown-up' thing to do it's what sets me free. I can always apologize later but following my emotions and being truthful to the situation I'm in is one of the greatest gifts I've got out of my acting training.

Now if fear and anxiety is more than a once-in-a-while guest in your life it's important to find the help you need. Seek out a therapist, breath worker and/or a body worker to help calm your system and invite more joy and endorphins into every single moment of your life.

100% Love


PS: If you have a suspicion that your name and numeroscope is calling in fear and anxiety then THE SMALL SESSION is the way to find out.


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