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Do you need support lifting your heart's mission and get that abundance flowing with ease?


Your business deserves the best. Numerology is easily applicable to everything business related and if your company is lacking flow, customers, focus, and you feel stuck let's fix that! Companies, businesses, titles, and pricing can all be made a lot more attractive for investors, customers and influencers by using numerology to raise their vibe. Working with the numbers through numerology, you can sharpen, focus and lift the vibration of your business so it truly serves you.


A business is a tool you can use both as a force for good, financial gain and personal growth.


Entrepreneurs often have an inner push to use their business as a way of living out and exploring their own personal life lessons, and goals. You will be attracted to and call in the same challenges in your business as in your life plus you'll automatically name your business within the same vibrational structures that intensify the challenges you face.  If your business is an LLC, partnership or corporation, it exists as its own entity in the world and it can be really interesting to explore what kind of 'helper' you've created for yourself.

It's a requirement that you have a harmonious name before booking this session so all energies can work seamlessly with each other.


This is what you want: 


  • Your business and private life to stop behaving like two vengeful lovers fighting for your attention.

  • To feel connected to the core 'why' behind your business.

  • A big return on the amount of financial, emotional and spiritual energy you pour into your business.

  • Your business to work as your money-making tool even when you're sleeping.


If you're hearing a resounding YES inside when reading this list, book your session now:

Your investment is $755

THE PRACTICALITIES: A session runs 1.5-2 hours. In it, I'll calculate either the best registry date and numeroscope for your new business or the right date to change the name and the new numeroscope for your existing business. You'll get an in-depth reading on the current name, the new numeroscope, yearly cycles for the business and name/word lists that can be used as part of the new name. I'll cover high vibe pricing as well.

Want to book this session for your DANISH BUSINESS?


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Are you ready to book
The Name Session for Businesses?
Are you the kind of person who likes to read long testimonials?
I'm like that too and that's why you can find them all below!

My hesitations before book a session were primarily to do with my business. Knowing that I'd have to change literally everything and rebrand.

During my session with Novalee, I felt heard and seen. It was a safe, sacred, and open space where everything could be shared. She made sure I understood everything and answered all of my questions.

I absolutely feel the change! The weeks after, while I was finding the right names were somewhat emotional, frustrating and kinda sensitive, but in a good way. Once the name was in place - oh boy - I had not expected that difference. It's like the most beautiful flower blooming. Simply beautiful.

Novalee does not kid around. She sees behind the veil and is extremely prepared coming into the session, so all you have to do is lean back, open yourself up, listen, and process.

I would highly recommend Novalee if you're looking for a professional numerologist (and I have and I do) as she will give it to you straight. Based on your numeroscope she'll know all of the shit you've got going on, so there's really no place to hide. You might as well get it all out and allow Novalee to support you with an amazing and solid foundation for you to expand from.

One thing I absolutely love about Novalee is her unwavering insistence on truth and no-nonsense bullshit and her deep knowledge. She very clearly knows what she does and does it really well. The energetic difference since my name change with Novalee is so very clearly felt. It's like everything just runs smoother. Like a powerful machine that clearly needed an oil change. If you've found your way into her space there's a reason for it! Follow that guidance!

Maria Saraphina, Spiritual Business Coach + Mentor + Catalyst, Los Angeles.