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Business naming and name change


Your business deserves the best. Numerology is used the world over to create flow and connect to customers, collaborators, investors, and influencers.

Working with the numbers through numerology can sharpen, focus and lift the vibration of your business so it truly serves you.


A business name change session is equal parts understanding how you decided to lead in this lifetime and making sure that your business is aligned with and supporting you. 

Whether you're a solo business owner or head of a company you're tapping into both your personal leadership qualities and the energetic imprint of your business.

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If you've found your way to this page you've heard the call to use your work and business as a way of embodying and exploring your own personal life lessons, and goals. You realize that the magic happens when you step fully into the arena in all areas of your life.

Numerology shows us that we will be attracted to and call in the same challenges in our business as in our private life. We automatically name, price, hire and follow the same vibrational structures we already know.

If your business is an LLC, partnership or corporation, it exists as its own entity in the world and it can be really interesting to explore what kind of 'helper' you've created for yourself.

Each business session is unique in that I meet you where you are, whether that is just starting out or 30+ years into a cooperate career. Maybe you feel the need to pivot or define your niche, maybe you're leaving old patterns and partners behind. Together will create a strong foundation for your future work.

This is what working with me and numerology brings you

  • Clarity and connection to the core 'why' behind your business.

  • A solid energetic foundation for your business. Firm boundaries for your soul to get to work.

  • A big return on the amount of financial, emotional and spiritual energy you pour into your business.

  • Your business to work as your money-making tool even when you're sleeping. We'll talk about multiple income streams.

In our session, I'll calculate either the best formation date and numeroscope for your new business or the right time to change the name of your existing business. You'll get an in-depth reading on the current name, the new numeroscope, yearly cycles for the business and word lists that can be used to find the new name. If certain words have to be part of your business name please add those to the form when you book.

Business Name Change +
Mini Course
Business Name Change +
2 x Support Sessions
Business Name Change +
A Year of Business Support

Expect homework to be part of our work together

Most people have interpreted their gifts and abilities in a less than favorable way. Meaning that they see their quirks and strengths as something born from struggle and challenge and not as an invitation to show up authentically.

My work is to make you see yourself and your path from a higher vantage point. We will work on things like why you keep hiring people who have more ambition than a job requires, and you'll get homework in the form of boundary setting, delegation, rituals and rest.


The mini course Numbers That Sell is the easiest way to start using numerology when picking titles, product names, prices and using the daily energies as part of your business, sales and marketing. You get access to the video and PDFs as a bonus after your Business Session so you immediately can see what energy is hiding in the title of your blog post and how to find that 'flying off the shelves' pricing every time.

Numbers That Sell, mini course by Novalee Wilder
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Having purchased from Novalee before investing in Numbers That Sell was a no-brainer for me, knowing how dedicated and passionate she is. I knew my package prices were going up and I wanted them to have a strong foundation.

I love how practical and down-to-earth Novalee makes the spiritual science of numerology. While this is esoteric knowledge it’s presented in a way so that you can easily find the numbers and thus prices that works for you. Also loved that this is not a 3 hr. masterclass with a gazillion videos to watch but a somewhat quick and dirty that’s easy to follow and go through. You’ll be able to find the numbers and prices you want to use very quickly and it doesn't require you to be a numerology expert at all.

I would recommend Numbers That Sell to anyone looking to understand the deeper connection between numbers and prices, as well clear insight and knowledge. If you’re looking to price anything in your business Numbers That Sell is an easy tool that you can use time and time again.

Maria Saraphina
Spiritual Business Coach + Mentor

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