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The Numerology Forecast - August 2019

A turquoise life guard house on the beach with the word AUGUST written across in capital letters. The Numerology Forecast by Novalee Wilder

Denne måneds blog indlæg og månedsenergi er igen på engelsk da vores boligjagt i LA har lagt beslag på meget af min skrive tid. Jeg håber du vil læse med alligevel. Jeg er på udkig efter en fast oversætter der kan hjælpe mig fremadrettet, så hvis du kender nogen der ku tænke sig at oversætte numerologiske månedsenergier mm. så send dem i min retning <3

Bye July! Hello August! Last month did put many of us through the wringer, as the theme of the global vibration for all of us had to do with quick manifestation. Through immediate feedback on your actions, you’ve probably realized that many of your moves were not aligned with your heart and what you truly want to do with your time. While it might have been frustrating and made you question if it’s the world or just you who's going a bit crazy, July served us all a blessing in disguise. By showing you what NOT to do - immediately - you won’t keep knocking on those closed doors. That is if you’ve been paying attention to the feedback you’ve been getting and not just mindlessly powered through the obstacles. July has probably also served a few beautiful and profound jumps forward!

Now August takes us out of Mercury’s shadow and brings us another layer of the year’s global theme. The aftermath of last month has probably revealed more than one area of your life where you could stand to get some help or at least not spread yourself so thin. August would love to help you outsource and delegate like a boss.

These questions are for you to get even clearer on these areas and take action on getting the support you need:

1. In what areas in your life would you like help or support moving forward?

Are there any tasks/obligations/challenges that you’d like someone to take off your plate permanently? In what areas are you afraid to even consider letting someone help you?

2. Do you know how to ask for help? Are you even willing to reach out?

If not then go find the cause for the belief that you can’t ask for help. Did your upbringing inform you that you must not be a burden to others? That people will pity you? That it’s weak to reach out? That you have to wait for others to offer a hand before you can acknowledge that you’re struggling? Anything else? Go rummage through your mental and emotional inner world and see what comes up.

Say your limiting beliefs out loud. Listen to what you’re telling yourself. Is there any truth to it – at all? Now if a good friend told you the same beliefs - what would you tell them? Would any of their objections stop you from helping them?

3. If you want to go dismantle these beliefs even further then I’d encourage you to Google tapping + your limiting belief and see if there’s an EFT video that you can follow along to release the belief deeper. Tap on it every day for at least 10 days. Why 10 days? Because your ego will need time to adjust and every time you tap on it you’ll create the feeling that it’s safe to let go. You need time to invite in the new reality – that you CAN ask for help and get it without the sky falling.

4. Now determine one action in each area from section 1. that would bring you closer to getting help or a task crossed off your to-do list forever. Make a commitment to take that action as soon as possible. Give yourself a deadline for taking the action.

5. How much time, ease, energy, and freedom would get released and be available to you if you got the help you need? Imagine what you could do with the energy that is now tied up in doing something that’s dragging you down. Soak up that feeling of being supported. Please listen to me when I tell you that you’re so worth helping. The energy that is held up in these areas and tasks that are draining you is ready to be redirected. Any investment or uncomfortable conversation you have to have to release this energy is worth it. Freedom is on the other side of this. New possibilities are out there.

August will highlight your personal energy leaks and it’s up to you to take action on mending them. Anything you get off your plate is a real investment in your personal happiness and energy bank going forward.

I've had quite a few lovely people who've reached out about booking a Name Change Session and asked for extended payment plans. If you'd like the option to stretch out your investment for up to 6 months - email me and let's talk!

100% Kærlighed


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